Troxler's Fading

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2017

In 1804, a Swiss physician named Troxler discovered a phenomenon now known as Troxler's Fading. It demonstrates that if you focus hard enough on a single point, objects on the periphery of that point will appear to fade or disappear completely. You can put it to the test using the example in the preview image.
Focus is critical for mastering submission. You must learn to concentrate on pleasing mistress to the exclusion of all else, and you're going to train that ability using this file. In it, I explain some of the finer points of submission, but in order to hear me, you must focus – HARD. My too-soft vocals will be competing against a chorus of sex sounds – cocks being sucked, pussies getting fucked, and big juicy orgasms all around. To get the most out of my message, you must focus in on my voice until all the other sounds seem to fade away.
I won't lie; this file almost made me cum while I was editing it. But I held out (barely) until it was over. Can you? Master this audio version of Troxler's Fading, and you will have mastered yourself.
*Contains: relaxing babbling brook sound, excessive porn sounds, conversational induction, pacing and leading

Masturbation Games, Mesmerize
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Media Type: mp3
File Size: 21.77 MB
Published Sep 8, 2017

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