Turbo Fap

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2019

Have your handys gone ho-hum and hum-drum? Has your fapping fallen flaccid? Sure, every guy’s been there.
In the hustle of everyday life, your sexual pleasure can fall by the wayside. You masturbate when you’re bored, when you’re sad, and you’ve seen your solo sex life devolve from thrilling, naughty pleasure to nothing more than a routine relief in your otherwise monotonous day.
I say to hell with that! It’s time to turbo-charge your fap sessions into the soul-shaking, ball-blowing thrill ride that it used to be. Reprogramming your brain with this file will:
• Get your mouth watering in anticipation of every masturbation session • Give you solo orgasms that satisfy you right down to the bone • Make you want to grab your cock and go at it again, even when exhausted from the first climax • Make fapping the high-point of your day again, like it used to be when you were young • (May or may not anchor orgasm to cars so that you get horny every time you drive.)
Gentlemen, start your engines.

Masturbation Encouragement, Mesmerize
#Masturbation Encouragement, #Mesmerize

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Published Feb 24, 2019

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