Turn to Stone

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2017

She said her name was Medie. She was a hot bartender with an old soul, arresting eyes and the most amazing braided hairstyle you've ever seen. She served you a drink on the house – something called a Medusa cocktail – and invited you into the bathroom for a blowjob on her next break.
The head she gave you had you buckling against the wall, grabbing fistfuls of her amazing hair, and practically shouting your gratitude. Oddly, the mind-melting orgasm she gave you did nothing to quell your rock-hard boner, but you cleaned yourself up and walked out of the bathroom anyway, minutes after she did, just like she'd instructed.
The strange part is, she wasn't behind the bar when you came out, and when you asked another barkeep where she was, he informed you that there was no bartender by the name Medie, and they, in fact, had no female bartender at all.
Thoroughly freaked out, you and your now-painful boner make your way home. You see Medie again that night, but it's in a dream...and she doesn't look or sound anything like she did in the bar. Who the fuck is this girl...and what has she done to your dick?
Find out in this pre-Halloween treat!
Contains: trigger priming, finger snaps, pacing and leading, audio sex, appropriately sinister music

Magic Fantasy, Mesmerize
#Audio Only, #Gothic, #Magic Fantasy, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

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Published Sep 26, 2017

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