by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Oct 2017

I'm back. And I'm ready to remind you that your freedom? Is an illusion.
Join me in the dark dungeon of the Villainess, the leader of a dark femdom army that has Stole you and plans to enslave you and your mindless cock forever. Because your mission has failed, the reward for your would-be heroism is a lifetime of sexual servitude to Villainess and her all-female army. She is the devil, my angel; and you have fallen into her trap.
You're blindfolded and gagged with little chance of escape. Do you try to come up with a plan or just...cum?
Find out what awaits you at the hands of this dark, powerful goddess and a very special soldier she's set aside just for you.
This is only the beginning, slave. "Villianess" is part one of a cock-hardening, mind-melting trilogy that will have you trembling with ecstasy and forfeiting your freedom with gratitude. Recorded in mind-bending 3D for a realistic and totally immersive experience. Not to mention the ASMR-style tingling that will skyrocket your orgasm to the next level. (You will thank me later;)
Contains: real 3d sound, pacing and leading, mirroring, mantras, coercion

Gothic, Mesmerize
#Gothic, #Mesmerize

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Published Oct 26, 2017

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