WJKF - 67.1 The BEAT

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2017

Every day on the ride home, you take a detour to debauchery. You see, the highlight of your workday is getting to listen to 67.1 The BEAT on your commute home. They've got your new favorite radio personality – DJ Athalia – and you frankly don't know how you used to get through the week without her.
Trouble is, every time you listen to her, you get the uncontrollable urge to jack off – hard! The moment you get home, you race into the house, drop your keys and then your drawers. You can barely make it past the doorway before your meat is in your hand, your pants are around your ankles, and you're jerking to the memory of DJ Athalia's sweet, sexy voice.
It's a lovely voice, but you suspect there must be more to it than that. There's got to be some underlying explanation for why her radio show seems to turn you into a horny, mindless.
What the general public doesn't know is that DJ Athalia is a former, trying to transition to a new career in a new town. She's taken to DJ-ing very well, but can't quite seem to transition out of her old profession. Her segments tend to sound salacious, her segues saucy, and her style more than a little seductive. Guess old habits hard. I'm sure she'll get the hang of professional radio hosting eventually, but you and the other townfolk will just have to bear with her until then. After all, it's not like she's doing this on purpose...or...is she?
Either way, you're too far gone, and you can't stop listening now. Guess you'll just have to keep beating your meat to 67.1 The BEAT.

*Contains: no induction just covert, sexual innuendo, subliminal messages, mind control, embedded commands, spatialized audio
NOTE: Radio station, personalities, events and contact information mentioned in this file are completely fictional. Any resemblance to any real entities or persons are purely coincidental.
WARNING: Recording is engineered for a highly immersive, realistic experience. However, DO NOT, under any circumstances, actually listen to this or any other hipn0sis recording while driving. Setup is intended for fantasy use ONLY. Producer assumes no responsibility for misuse of this recording by the customer.

Mesmerize, Reality Porn
#Audio Only, #Celebrities, #Mesmerize, #Reality Porn

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Published Aug 14, 2017

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