We Heart Resin: Surreal Premature Ejaculation Mindfuck

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2019

“High sensitivity and responsiveness are natural to your body. They are innate. It's the way you used to cum before you knew any better – swiftly, explosively, spontaneously.” – Goddess Athalia in “We Heart Resin”
Your girlfriend thinks it would be a great idea for you to get a hobby. So when her weird hippie friend Ada Valentine starts a resin-pouring class, they both agree it would be the perfect opportunity for you to develop a new interest that didn't involve porn or sex.
When you go to Ada's house for the class, you're surprised to see that it's full of other men. Exactly how many of her friend's husbands was this lady able to convince? Did she have magical powers of persuasion or something?
Anyway, the class is going fine – if not a little slow for your taste – when all of a sudden things seem to get fuzzy. The instructor's voice has gone slow and sweet, and you're feeling more relaxed and suggestible than you have in a long time. You're inexplicably horny, and if the tents in your classmates pants are any indication, you're not the only one.
The resin is mixed, and she seems to be giving instructions on how to pour, but all you can think about is how hard your dick is and how resin might make a fine lube, if only it didn't dry so fast. And you need to cum – really fast. The more she talks, the hornier you get and the more impossible it becomes to think rationally.
Your breaths are coming faster, your horniest overtakes you, and your brain is starting to get dark… and fuzzy…and dim….and what the fuck is happening…
There's only one way to find out what happens next in this trippy, one-of-a-kind premature ejaculation mindfuck. A must-have file for the PE lover looking for a truly surreal, and outside-the-box mesmeric experience.
This unique, metaphorical, imagination-based approach to learning is designed to get around your logical mind and go straight to your subconscious, where your PE potential can be maximized and realized. Because afterall, what's art without a little bit of danger? (Tip: Listen with a bottle of your favorite lube nearby.)

Mesmerize, Premature Ejaculation
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Published Feb 8, 2019

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