Willbreaker I: Sub Training for Wayward Pets

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 18:31

Willbreaker I: Sub Training for Wayward Pets (MP4 Format)

It's time to learn who it is you serve. For too long, you subs have been led to believe that it's all about you. But true submission means honoring and indulging the selfishness of your goddess, with no regard for your own pleasure in the process. Ironically, this is the true path to realizing the full, unbridled pleasure of no-holds-barred submission. The more you give, the more I take, and the more I take, the higher you ascend into the pristine realms of real submissive bliss.
I tell you like it is in this recording. I'm not afraid of hurting your feelings, not when it means molding you into a better slave for my use. With your trust in me, you can learn the elation of blissful servitude, and forget the femdom drivel you've been settling for. Ditch those bad habits if you want to be my pet.
Contains mild cruelty and humiliation, neural anchoring, goddess worship and mesmerization. Single-layer vocal track over a smooth, slow trance melody.

Mesmerize, Slave Training
#Audio Only, #Erotic Audio

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