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Release: Jun 2019

Your heart beats and your cock drips for pussy. This has been established. Your addiction to porn and masturbation all center around your lust for cunt, and you have no problem accepting this.
What may be slightly harder to accept is how utterly pathetic your worship of pussy has made you. You love to see it, touch it, smell it and fuck it, but the truth is that pussy owns you whether you can interact with it or not.
In this lushly vocalized trance track, I let my mean streak loose. Pitilessly, I describe what it's like to touch, suck and fuck my own perfect Goddess pussy all while reminding you that you'll never have it. You'll never even get close.
Your shame and mortification marry in one back-bending erection. You can't seem to stop your cock from filling at my words, from reacting to this fantasy. Logically, you realize you should be embarrassed. If you're going to be this hard, this dangerously close to cumming hands-free, shouldn't there be a pussy in front of you? Or at least on your screen?
Not when it's my pussy. Not when I describe it in such filthy, mesmerizing, pornographic detail that your cock whips with need, feeling for all the world that it really is buried within my slick, plush walls.
This mind-blowingly explicit pussy worship session goes beyond making you explode with climax it reveals once and for all just how helpless and sold-out to Goddess Athalia you really are.
And what could possibly be sexier than that?

Mesmerize, Pussy Worship
#FemDom, #Goddess Worship, #Mesmerize, #Pussy Worship

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Published Jun 9, 2019

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