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Goddess Athalia     177 sessions
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02.2018 30 Seconds in Heaven
5 minutes 'til orgasm JOI
02.2018 acCUMpaniment: Premature Ejaculation/Edging Trainer Loop JOI Loop
09.2017 An Audio Audience JOI
07.2018 Angel/Devil JOI
Aroused at Will JOI
07.2018 Art of the Prostate Orgasm
07.2018 Backlog - Night 1: The Voyeur T&D
07.2018 Backlog - Night 2: The Gooner T&D
08.2018 Backlog - Night 3: The Gusher JOI
04.2019 BBW Fantasy
Big-Dicked Slave BW
12.2018 Broadcast Femdom
Broken and Begging: Somnambulist JOI JOI H BW
02.2019 But Foremost, Foreplay: Premature Ejaculation GFE
04.2019 Butt-Plugged Bitch
07.2018 Case of the Broken Cistern
08.2019 Charm School OC
02.2019 Cherry II: Even More Virgin Humiliation and Rehabilitation H
08.2019 Cherry III: Ultimate Virgin Humiliation H
12.2018 Cherry: Virgin Humiliation and Rehabilitation H
04.2018 Cock Mapping HFO
Coerced by Cock: Subliminal Bisexual Encouragement Gay
06.2019 Compelled
11.2018 Contra Se (Level I)
11.2018 Contra Se (Level II)
01.2019 Contra Se III
05.2019 Contra Se Loop Loop
07.2018 Cosmic Cumming
Cream-Slurping Slave: Cum Eating Instruction Trance CEI
Cuddled and Cumming: An Intimate Evening with Goddess Athalia Femdom
10 Cumming Hands-Free for Me HFO
08.2018 Cumsessed CEI
07.2018 Cumsumed: CEI Training Loop CEI Loop
05.2019 Demoness Fantasy
Dependence Day: Mermerize Loop for Mesmerize-Addicts BW
05.2018 Dicknotized: Bisexual Encouragment Mindfuck Gay
Dime a Dozen: Advanced Edging for Eager-to-Please Slaves JOI BW
04.2019 Don't Think About Dick: Reverse-Psych Mindfuck Gay
05.2019 Drippy Drippy: Uncontrollable Cum-Letting
Drunk: Confessions of an Intox-Fantasy Goddess
02.2018 Dumb Until You Cum JOI
04.2019 Entropy
02.2018 EroMensch: Introduction
02.2018 EroMensch: Quadrant 1 (Self-Confidence) Health
02.2018 EroMensch: Quadrant 2 (Body Build) Health
EXPLOSIVE Trance Orgasm + Intimacy OC
01.2018 Explosive Trance Orgasm + Intimacy II OC
12.2017 Fan of the Flames Cuckold
05.2019 Flaccid H
01.2019 Flesh: Bi-Sexual Encouragement Therapy-Fantasy Gay
08.2017 Flight Risk - Coerced Public Toilet JOI JOI
09.2018 Foot Fiend
For True Submissives Only BW
01.2019 Forever Denied Feminization H
Fraud: Reverse-Psychology Findom Mindfuck H Findom
09.2018 Freed from Being JOI
Fuck Like a Gentleman BW
09.2018 Genesis: Sensitivity-Enhancing R.E.M. Loop Loop
Gentle Femdom for Gentlemen - Trance Orgasm and Sensual Domination BW
08.2018 Gentle Femdom Mental Conditioning II Femdom
08.2018 Gloss: Part 1 of 2 CEI
08.2018 Gloss: Part 2 of 2 CEI
Goddess Lactation Fantasy
Goddessgasm: Trance Training the Sacrificial Orgasm JOI BW
05.2018 Goo CEI
09.2017 Good Afternoon, Good Boy: Public Toilet JOI JOI H
Good Morning, Good Boy: Daily Slave Affirmations BW
Gypsy JOI
04.2019 Hacked BW
Hard as Rock, Gone as Fuck: Orgasmic Bliss in Deep Abyss JOI
08.2017 Hipn0sis for Hardheads: All-Purpose Induction File Relaxation Induction
09.2019 Hit It! JOI
Hot Wet Oral Servitude + Post-Orgasm Torment JOI
04.2018 Hyperspermia OC
I'm Lying Again: Brutal Reverse - Psych Mindfuck Femdom
09.2017 Into the Pink: Sissy Slut Transformation Feminization
03.2019 Juggernaut
03.2019 Long, Beautiful
Love Defined: Goddess Addiction Trance BW
Love Defined: Goddess Addiction Trance BW
03.2018 Lucid Dream Primer
03.2019 Master For Ladies
04.2019 Medulla Oblongasmic JOI
07.2018 Milk and Cookie: Sexual Stamina Programming Femdom
07.2018 Minuteman
10.2018 Momentous BW
08.2018 Mr. A. Health
03.2018 Mystery Box
04.2019 Nipple Lovers' Loop Loop
03.2019 No Escape BW
06.2018 No. 9 Health
10.2018 Nocturnal Emission Transmission
11.2017 Of Milk and Honey CEI
08.2017 Of Salt and Sea: Beginner Cum Eating Instruction CEI
02.2018 Of Water and Drink CEI
08.2018 Off to the Races: Premature Ejaculation Cum Countdown
01.2018 Once You Pop...: Stage II Premature Ejaculation Training
12.2017 P.E.T.E.R. - Bisexual Coercion Fantasy Gay
04.2019 Peaches 'N Cream JOI
04.2019 Peak Condition Health Loop
11.2018 POP! Quiz: Ass
12.2018 POP! Quiz: Camel Toe
11.2018 POP! Quiz: Cleavage
12.2018 Pornesia
07.2018 Pornotized
06.2019 Prana: Energetic Premature Ejaculation JOI
08.2019 Premie for Feeties: Soft Dick Foot Fetish PE H
01.2018 Primed to POP!: Stage I Premature Ejaculation Training
09.2018 PsyLock: Mental Chastity Training Chastity
05.2019 Pulling Away BW
04.2019 Rapid Release: Premature Ejaculation with Breath Control
07.2018 Rejection Erection JOI
04.2018 Relax...I Want You To
02.2019 Remote Control JOI
07.2018 Resist: Reverse-Psych Tease and Denial BDSM Trance T&D
05.2018 Rim Slut
Rock-Hard and Tranced Out Femdom
09.2017 Rosie JOI
11.2017 Sacrament Fantasy
Sanctum BW
05.2019 Seconds Cuckold
04.2018 Sensate: Premature Ejaculation/Re-Sensitization NAP Loop
07.2018 Shattered: Pure Femdom Pleasure Trance BW
Single-Minded Obedience: Orgasm Denial Trance T&D
Sissy Slut's Big Night Out Feminization H
07.2018 Slip ‘n Slide: Multiorgasmic Squirt and Cum Fest JOI
09.2017 Slow Day at the Office Femdom
Soft: A Gentle Femdom Treat BW
07.2018 Softcore: ****-Dick Premature Ejaculation Programming
02.2019 Softness and Magic: ****-Dick HFO ASMR HFO
08.2018 Spurt!: Quick Premature Ejaculation Loop Loop
Spurting Spectacular!: Explosive Trance Orgasm JOI
09.2018 Stop, Drop, Grab That Cock
09.2017 Stud: Seductive Impregnation and Breeding Coersion OC
05.2018 System Override: Sex Fantasy and Multiorgasmic Primer OC
09.2018 Thank You, Cum Again OC
04.2018 The Burgeoning Bimbo Feminization
02.2018 The De-juicing OC
09.2017 The Fate Sealer: Severe Love Addicton Trance BW
01.2018 The Feminine Fellow Feminization
01.2019 The Foot Parade
10 04.2019 The Forbidden Fruit Factor H
01.2018 The Fun Don't Stop: Stage III Premature Ejaculation Training
12.2017 The Garden of Denim Delights
02.2018 The Goon Trap
08.2017 The Labyrinth Femdom
10.2017 The Natural Man Series: Tree-Trunk Fullness
10.2017 The New Classic
The Porn Enhancer: Re-Sensitization Therapy-Fantasy for Helpless Strokers Femdom
The Sexiest Secret in the World: Hands-Free Orgasm Training HFO
01.2018 The Straight Test Gay
02.2018 The Straight Test: Remediation File Gay
02.2019 The Thirst Trap
08.2017 Thirty-Thousand Spaces BW
04.2019 Throated JOI
09.2018 To the Edge and Gone: Hands-Free Edging OC
10.2017 Toire no Hanako-San Fantasy
07.2018 Transaction Approved: Findom Edging Mindfuck Findom
Triggered in the Wild: Pantyhose and Pencil Skirt Fetish H
Triggered Without Mercy: The Spontaneous Orgasm Collection (Part I)
Triggered Without Mercy: The Spontaneous Orgasm Collection (Part II)
12.2018 Triple D - Deep Dick Drainage JOI
09.2017 Tripping and Dripping BW
09.2017 Troxler's Fading JOI
02.2019 Turbo Fap
09.2017 Turn to Stone Fantasy
01.2019 Turn to Stone II Fantasy
09.2017 Utter Ruination BW
10.2017 Villainess Fantasy
08.2018 Villainess II Fantasy
02.2019 We Heart Resin: Surreal Premature Ejaculation Mindfuck
Willbreaker I: Sub Training for Wayward Pets H BW
07.2019 Withering
08.2017 WJKF - 67.1 The BEAT
02.2018 Womanized: All-Purpose Male Submission Training Femdom
06.2019 Yearn BW