Always Panties Hypno

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 33:51

This erotic hypnosis session is for sissies and crossdressers who want to be finally free from owning any boy underwear. The time has come to get those icky things out of your dresser drawer so they can be fully replaced by the pretty panty collection you deeply desire (and deserve!) Once you have discarded all of your remaining boy underwear (boxers, briefs, etc.), you will have no choice but to enjoy the silky softness and delicate beauty of feminine fabrics encasing your private parts each and every day of your life. This is absolutely what you want; you just need a little push from Goddess Lycia in order to take the final steps necessary to get where you need to be!

Aside from getting rid of your boy underwear and growing your collection of girly panties, this audio session will encourage you to do other girly things like get your legs waxed regularly, get regular pedicures, and wear pantyhose whenever possible. After all, a silky panty-wearer should have silky everything. You will become more feminine than ever before, and it won’t be just a “sometimes” thing. The first step is to toss those unsightly, masculine undergarments in the trash, and you will be compelled to throw away one or two pairs each time you listen to this session, until there are no more left to toss. I am really excited for you, and cannot wait to see your pretty panty collection!

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, sissy hypnosis, sissification, feminization, crossdressing, forced crossdressing, panty boy, panty fetish. 33:51 minutes

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