Black Lipstick Trance

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 12:43

Goddess Lycia looks and sounds more stunning than ever before in this ultra-sexy Femdom trance video. Watch as she sensually applies pitch-black lipstick to her perfectly-shaped lips. Be captivated by her velvet voice echoing throughout your mind. You are so enraptured that you are unable to understand what she is saying. You are losing track of the reality you once knew, falling ever so deeply under her powerful spell. More controlled than ever before, made to become more and more sexually aroused until your orgasm is forcibly taken from you, causing immense and irrevocable enslavement.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom trance, mind control, lipstick fetish, black lipstick, lipstick hypnosis, lip gloss, mesmerism, seduction, enslavement, goth, gothic, cleavage, fingerless gloves, rings, forced orgasm, vocal effects.

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