Blonde Bitch Fetish

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 7:44

Goddess Lycia looks fucking FINE as she shows off her long, shiny blonde hair. She is also a MEAN BITCH, telling you how other women pale in comparison to her high-maintenance beauty. Goddess knows you want to touch her soft hair, to smell it, to worship it in person. But all you are ever allowed to do is buy videos of her playing with and talking about it! How funny is that? All Goddess wants is your MONEY, so that she can use it to become even more beautiful and powerful, which makes you even more *financially* enslaved. Diddle away, sillies; it’s the furthest you’ll ever get with Me! 7:44 mins.

Includes: blonde fetish, hair fetish, financial domination, mean bitch Goddess

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