Feminization Brainwashing Part 5 - Body Hair Removal

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 15 minutes

This is part 5 of Goddess Lycia’s Feminization Brainwashing series! This INTENSE brainwashing video will program you to hate body hair and want to be smoothly shaved and waxed everywhere on your body. From the neck down, you will need to be shaved and waxed at all times! It doesn’t matter if some people will think you are weird or gay, because body hair is gross, and only disgusting boys want to have it. Girls are so much sexier with our smooth, hairless bodies!

You will learn to associate having a smooth and hairless body with sexual arousal. You will become aroused when you shave and wax. You will enjoy looking at and caressing your silky-smooth body, and will never want to have hair anywhere on your body ever again!

This brainwashing video includes a hypnotic spiral and tons of subliminal images and words. Combine all of the imagery with Goddess Lycia’s velvet voice and skillful linguistic power, and you will be the subject of serious psychological invasion. Say goodbye to icky man-hair forever!

Includes: erotic hypnosis, brainwashing, feminization, shaving fetish, depilation. 15 mins.

Note: Do not view this video if you have health issues which might be triggered by quickly-flashing images.

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