Perv Alphabet

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 30:47

Calling all perverted weirdos! Yes… you know who you are. It’s time to learn the alphabet in a whole new way!

In this humiliation brainwashing audio, I will teach you which word to associate with each letter of the alphabet. Each word is related to your weirdo perversions, and to the fact that your mind is constantly collecting arousing data (like images of ass or feet) that you diddle about in front of your computer.

The words I instill in you will be strong reminders of what a ridiculous predicament you are endlessly trapped in. And whenever you see any of the letters (at least two inches tall) standing alone, you will immediately be triggered into the word it represents, along with all of its related feelings, and sometimes (depending on the word) into bizarre and humiliating associated behaviors.

This is going to make your life as an idiot diddler so much more enjoyable!

Includes: brainwashing, humiliation

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