Superior Vocabulary Humiliation

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 18 minutes

In this audio file, Goddess Lycia uses her exemplary linguistic skills to humiliate you for being a weirdofreak diddler and porn addict.

Listen… I am quite wise to your barbaric habitudes. In all veracity, your etiquette is contemptible and repugnant. I know that you yearn to hear the truth about your anomalous carnal conventions, and that you long for such honesty to be transmitted to you by an undoubtedly superior Goddess.

As you may know, I am an intelligent Goddess who is linguistically proficient. In general, I tone down my brilliance a bit, so that my articulation is more easily accessible to the populace. This time, you get to fondle yourself not only to the degradation you so fiercely require, but also to my remarkable aptitude in the art of English dialect.

Have fun being inordinately inferior, you loathsome disgrace of a dickslapper.


Includes: intense verbal humiliation, vocabulary fetish, saposexuality, brutal cruelty

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