Sworn Into Slavery

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 26:16

This Femdom hypnosis MP3 is based on a request:

I would love a "repeat after me" recording from you. One that would make me repeat things that would make me more yours, more owned by you. The big thing is to make sure there is time for me to speak on the recording. You could make me repeat back things to where it is personal to me. like you say, "I own you now", and I say "You own me now". You could have me say things with the same emphasis on words that you put like, "you will do anything I tell you to do", and I have to repeat with that emphasis. I just love the idea of being under and repeating things that make me more and more yours, although I feel so yours now. I have heard that making the subject repeat things make them more real to the subject. You would know better than me, but it makes sense to me.

Warning: This session is for submissives who have already been introduced to my hypnosis, and who are ready to take the step into complete and irrevocable enslavement; listen only if you are ready

Includes: femdom hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, mental conditioning, repetition, love and addiction, true enslavement, financial enslavement.

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