Toesie Freak

by Goddess Lycia
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Release: Jul 2019
Length: 36:45

This Femdom hypnosis session will turn you into an extreme pervert for toesies. You will become ridiculously obsessed with female toes, especially if they are painted. Your toesie fixation will occur nearly all the time, whether you are at home with the internet and magazines, or out and about in public. Images of toesies will completely fill your mind and your world, and they will become the #1 most erotic thing ever.

Your toesie perversion will be incredibly humiliating, and you will feel intense embarrassment about your dire need to incessantly perv on and diddle to toesies- but it will be impossible for you to get off unless toesie imagery is somehow involved. No worries, though, because toesies will be so deeply and irrevocably embedded in all aspects of your mind for them to ever possibly be absent!

Includes: toe fetish, toes fetish, toesie fetish, toesies fetish, painted toes fetish, intense humiliation, femdom hypnosis, erotic mind control, brainwashing, fetish obsession, toesie fixation

36:45 mins.

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