Be My Valentine

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 40 minutes

Unbutton whatever you’re wearing. You’re wearing too much. Take it off. Why don’t you close your eyes and relax while you listen to the sound of My voice. I will be introducing three new trigger words this Isabella Valentine’s Day to strengthen your sense of belonging to Me. And you needed Me, didn’t you, sweetheart. Can you feel Me whispering softly to you swirling sweet words for your ears, right here beside you, gently relaxing every thought as I hypnotize you to be My valentine. Resistance if futile. You are owned by Goddess Isabella Valentine in the possessive sense. My lalala leaves you weak to Me. Isabella Valentine is the Queen of your heart. Forever I control your mind as I condition you to serve Me for all of time. This is why I’ve put extreme suggestions in this recording for My serious pets. Wrap your thoughts all up in Isabella Valentine, sweetheart. Your prayers have been answered. You have found the love frequency that My pheremones emitted into the ether. Be My Valentine. You’re so lucky to continue to serve Me even after you’re gone…

Music by Kevin MacLeod of Written, recorded by, edited, and produced by Isabella Valentine.

Includes: Extreme Financial Domination, Spiritual Domination, Love and Addiction, Sweetheart Mind Control, Permission to Masturbate, Orgasm Denial Until Command Obeyed, Queen Worship, Isabella Above All, Extreme Lifetime Servitude.

40 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Financial Domination, Smooth & Sexy, The God Album

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