Beneath Awake

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 39 minutes

One of my favorite things about hallucinogenic precociousness is the feeling of unconditional surrender to a place between awake and asleep. Besides the obvious feelings of relaxation, calm, and quiet associated with meditation ... there is also a sense of streaming through consciousness, to travel with unknown direction, to float, steer, or spin with each wave as if you're actually RIDING the stream itself. In this safe and sexy underwater journey beneath the ocean, there is nothing to do but be your wonderful truest self... overwhelmed by sensations of FREEDOM, AROUSAL, and influenced by your own CREATIVITY.

If you love women, this will probably be quite ORGASMIC for you ... as it allows you to peek under source's curtain, revealing new erotic ways to find women sexy. Great for men or women to listen to, individually or as a couple.

If you're brand new to erotic mental trance, this would be a fantastic place to start! If you're curious about my unique style of what I "bring to the table," so to speak ... this is it.

Special bonus: Masturbation is implied but not required. Physical or energetic orgasm imminent. Could be considered hands-free orgasm if you feel like it.

IMPORTANT: This is designed to be listened to before falling asleep for the night. Please plan ahead to listen to this approx. 40 minutes before bedtime so you can orgasm at the perfect time to slip into a deep night's sleep. Also great for insomniacs up late late late at night!

Fetishes include:
Entrancing lyrical content, stream of consciousness, underwater traveling, mind spinning, psychedelic patterns and colors, deep layers of relaxation, dreamstate, fantasies of thousands of women, hands, fingers, multiple realities, maya illusion, love, beauty, erotic contemplation, oblivion, tantric alacrity, spiritual trance, ego dissolution, orgasm command.

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Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):35
File Length (Minutes):39

Categories: All Mp3's, For Couples, For Ladies, Goddess Tantra, Hands Free Orgasm, Isabella's Choice, Nice Girl, Sci-Fi Geeks
Tags: deep layers of relaxation, dreamstate, erotic hypnosis, fantasies of thousands of women, fingers, hands, mind spinning, psychedelic patterns and colors, stream of consciousness, underwater traveling

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