C*twoman Mind Trap

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 23 minutes

Breathe in through this hypnotic gas mask and remember to forget you were even here. I CONTROL YOUR SOUL! I CONTROL YOUR MIND! The hallucinations will start kicking in soon. But first you’ll lose the ability to move your arms and legs so I can steal the diamonds from the vault’s safe. You’ll be unable to stop Me as I use you as bait to distract the guards! Then I’ll steal your car. Your cock is stiffening, rich billionaire fuck!

This recording is dedicated to all the male veterans, military servicemen, and first responders who have asked me to not go gentle or too easy on them. In this session, I’ll take you on a “dangerous” ride you can’t resist! Happy Veteran’s Day! I love you guys so much for what you do for our country. I hope you find this recording to be delightfully bad. It includes many triggers from the Jackpot series and my most recent recordings. No new triggers are introduced and relies only on triggers from previous sessions! Wooooh! Let’s see how many you remember and respond to! Since you are going to be paralyzed, masturbation is not implied.

This fan fiction audio cosplay is not affiliated, associated with, or endorsed by DC Comics. No copyright infringement intended or implied. This is merely a fun, sexy roleplay I’ve written and recorded.

Recording Includes:
Masked cat thief roleplay, fantasy femme fatale scenario, hypnotic gas mask induction, mind control, owning your soul, erotic triggers, hands free orgasm triggers, mildly playful humiliation, financial domination, love and addiction, overpowering you, hypnotic spell, “stealing” your car, paralysis.

Runtime: 23 minutes

Categories: Financial Domination, Hands Free Orgasm, Smooth & Sexy

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