Hey Numbnuts

by Isabella Valentine
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Deeply donk for me now. Whenever I say the word lift, you will lower your hand quickly but it will not drop down until I say drop. Lower. Lift. Lift. Move your hand so it is directly above your cock. And Drop!!! Owww, I bet that hurt huh numbnuts. Lift. Spend. Kneel down lower. Good slave puppet. Lower, numbnuts. Lower. And drop. DONK! Thud! Lift! Higher, higher, higher! Aim them right above your nuts! AND DROP! DONK!

Beware, my pets. This includes my famous Jackpot trigger for those of you already conditioned to cum on my command.

Did you know I was born on Halloween? It’s true. I’m a DEVIOUS witch. This spooky recording includes a little financial domination trickery and a whole lot of hypnotic brain treats, like arm levitation and mind control for your kibbles!

Category: Smooth & Sexy

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