Jackpot 24

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 27 minutes

The square root of nine is three loops around your mind, and it appears as if the loops are consistent and independent, and still going around and around. And I know sometimes when I talk like this, you can’t help but quickly become aroused. But don’t you dare touch yourself. My sex oozes all over your scatterplot. My long hair is so soft. It floats right over your logarithm, base of a, of x, and thought waves. My wide, soft curvy hips might give your calculator a rounding error. Drift into the vertex as the symmetry spins you in. I won’t tell anyone how hard you cum with no hands. It’ll be our very very cherry secret. The Siren made you do it.

This recording contains several erotic triggers that were “implanted” from previous recordings and repeats again in this one. A new trigger is also introduced! The more recordings you buy, the more surprise, sexy triggers get ya spontaneously! Yum!

Recording includes:
Algebraic trance, hands free orgasm trance, erotic language triggers, playful mind control, BBW Goddess power, ass worship, breast worship, Isabella fix, calculus cadence, female domination.

Runtime: 27 minutes

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