Jackpot ... No Hands

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 36 minutes
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You all have asked for it and here it is! Many people have asked me to make an trance recording designed to make you cum without touching yourself. The wait is finally over!

This unisex mp3 is great for trance practitioners of all levels. Initially, I hesitated making this session because I secretly cringed at the idea of someone saying "Uh, it didn't work on me." Technically speaking, trance artists can't "make" people cum. But we can give triggers, suggestions, and commands. It's up to you if you want to follow them because YOU have complete control of your experience. No one can force you do to anything you don't want to do, plain and simple.. Essentially you're making yourself cum, not me. I'm just a guide to get you there.

If you are new to Jackpot and you are considering trying it, first of all, welcome. I'd like to share with you beforehand that learning to surrender will take some effort on your part. Please don't get frustrated if you don't cum the first or second time. Challenge yourself and keep trying. It DOES work and CAN work for you!

You CAN cum with no hands! Hundreds (it seems like thousands) of people have written me to say it WORKS. 8 out of 10 emails suggest that they ejaculated with NO hands within the first two times and it was the biggest orgasm of their lives! Another 15% say it worked within the first 3-6 times they listened to it. And the other 5% are either still trying, it took them a few weeks, or they didn't write back to tell me their results. At the very least, 99.9999% of the people who contacted me about their experiences with Jackpot all reported some sort of orgasm, whether physical, spiritual, or overwhelming body sensations that were equal or close to wet orgasms.

My method works. Plain and simple. This Jackpot series is the #1 bestseller of all my trance recordings and it has consistently stayed at the top of the charts. If you allow yourself some patience and practice, you'll be shooting cum out of your peehole at so fast, you may not even see where it landed (as some people have graciously confessed). All you really have to do is surrender, it's that easy. Before I begin describing this recording, please understand that this takes practice and this type of trance involving no-hands ejaculation will INDEED take a lot of practice on YOUR part.

The ease at which you cum with no hands all depends on your body's ability to accept trance for what it is, and your enthusiasm to actually obey and do what is told during trance! If you want this to work, then come into this with an open mind and let go of all your expectations and resistance. When you do, you'll see the results instantly! Curious to see how far your cum can travel when stimulated? Or how many seconds it stays airborn? Or how long you'll feel it afterwards?

The special thing about this recording is that it is entirely hands-free. That means at NO point will you be instructed to rub something, grind something, or hump something against yourself. You will ejaculate or cum using the power of your own mind. That's the beauty of trance. Your brain can make you cum instantly under the right circumstances so that you feel wonderful!

This mp3 was also designed for those people who often have trouble visualizing or relaxing during recordings. It mostly focuses on feelings and the kinesthetic aspect to help you achieve trance in a completely different way. Also includes binaural audio sounds and beautiful whispers to deepen your trance.

P.S. When you have reached success with this, check out the sequels to Jackpot which all contain additional stimulation with the same no-hands trigger word to condition you to cum harder, faster, and easier with time.

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