Lovesick for Bella

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 34 minutes

There is no ocean big enough to hold what love is. Where there is longing, there is your love for Bella. Isabella is your stronghold. I am the needle, and you are the thread. Together we weave dimensions where new pearls sit inside the shells. We are no longer strangers. We are friends who have touched love’s sweet fragrance. It’s a miracle we made it this far. Something inside us brought us here. Something inside us is love. It created the stars and the beautiful look on your face when you come. Rest your sleepy eyes, so you can dream about Isabellalalalalalala.

Be sure to wear headphones so you don’t miss the sensual whispers that program your subconscious mind to follow your heart so you fall deeper in love with Me.

Loving Isabella, love and addiction, love drunk, love sickness, infatuation, attachment play, hypnotic surrender, spoken poetic language, ruling your heart, spacetime appreciation, random Jackpot triggers, weak to Isabella, aroused by Isabella, mind control.

34 minutes

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