Obviously Brainwashing Works

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 40 minutes

Because clearly you can’t get enough. Not only do you love Me, you’re obsessed with Me! Look how hard you neeeeded Me. You STILL need Me. It’s as though I could somehow make you feel like you have no control at all. Look how much control I keep giving you to love Me with your heart. I control your heart! You are falling in loooove with ME! Go to sleep every night clutching your pillow calling out My name. Braaainwashing your souuuul and your miiiind! You love spending ALL your money on Me. Sugar, I’m all inside your blank and empty mind, and honey, I belong here. Nothing feels better than My control over your miiiind!

Wear your headphones so I can continue to evolve My proof that I’m more powerful than the speed of light and sound, slave. Multiple tracks, vocals, and subliminal messages will take you so deep, and you are MINE. My voice fluctuates between very sweet whispers and sinister, piercing shrill so you have every reason to love every part of Me.

Includes: Love Brainwashing, mind control, orgasm command, love and addiction, powerful female control, domination, financial domination, falling in love with Goddess Isabella.

Length: 40 minutes

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Smooth & Sexy
Tags: Domination, falling in love with Goddess Isabella, financial domination, love and addiction, Love Brainwashing, mind control, orgasm command, powerful female control

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