Be my little pet

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Sep 2011
Length: 12:46
Feminization H

FEMDOM HYPNOSIS FOR THE LADIES: You crave to be a little pet at my feet, you need to serve to be my pet to be owned by me as my pleasure pussy. Trained to do what ever you are told to do, Trained by erotic hypno Turned int a true little pussy pet. Deep triggers and back masking help to reduce you to your slave pet state. deep into trance you accept the triggers My haunting but directed voice teaches you to obey as i implant the triggers you will hardly know you are being turned int a pet before its to late. Especially effective on the Ladies but Sissies are also very susceptible,

Includes: slave training, servitude, slave induction, , lesbian domination,bisexual, oral servitude, slut training

Feminization, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Mind Control, MP3, Transformation

Length : 12 mins, 46 secs

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