Boobs Hypnotize You Affirmations

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: May 2018
Length: 30:14

Boob worship affirmations, your attraction and distraction to boos will increase day by day. The craving will get stronger, the attraction more intense your arousal will feel hotter and you will become more excited as your training progresses into the world of boob worship. These affirmations will ring in your head even when you are not listening. Boob worship will become your number one turn on. All boobs will distract you and make your cock twinge. Just the way you want it.

Includes: boob worship, tit worship, bouncing boobs, big tits, mental domination, body worship, affirmations, mind fuck, triggers, trance training boob slave training, femdom hypnosis, magic control, erotic magic

Tit Worship

Length : 30 mins, 14 secs

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