Cocksucking Obsessed

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jun 2015
Length: 24:28

Go deep into trance and be trained to increase your cock sucking obsession. Accepting who you are a cock sucking fag who always needs more cock. Trained to always be ready for more and to seek it out. Triggers deeply implanted. Sights, smells and sounds will bring you to your knees. Triggers are both overt and covert. A serious session for serious cocksuckers or those wanting to be in an elite class of cock sucking.
Includes: Cock sucking, Oral servitude, Mind Fuck, Triggers, Subliminal Suggestions, Female Domination, Magic Control, make you gay, cock worship

Femdom hypnosis, Make You Gay, MP3, Oral Servitude

Length : 24 mins, 28 secs

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