Cocksucking Sex Slave

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Mar 2017
Length: 25:41

You will learn your place, you will be a sex slave but not just any sex slave you will be my cock sucking sex slave. Trained to take on all cocks. In your mouth, in your ass, when ever I say you should, order you to, command you to. Trained and triggered to want it, even crave it. Aroused beyond control you will beg to be used. Knowing its your dream to be a real cock sucking sex slave used for the other peoples pleasure and my amusement.

Includes: Make you gay, bi training, cocksucking, cock worship, slave training, oral servitude, orgasm control, anal training, sub training, mind control, mind fuck, brainwash, mental domination, female domination, femdom, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, trance training, triggers, suggestions

Femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, Make You Gay, MP3

Length : 25 mins, 41 secs

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