Dick Addicted

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Oct 2014
Length: 21:11

Hardcore dick addition femdom hypnosis trance training session. Designed to enhance and confirm your love of big hard dick. The word dick is used in varying ways to train your dick addled mind to accept that you are a true submissive fag that loves dick, lots of dick. who gets aroused just thinking about how much you crave it need, it and want it. Dick, dick, dock, dick, dick. Your obsession with craving dick grows into an addiction you cant deny. Trying is futile. Serious dick addition hypnosis training for those who need reinforcement in their oral servitude and dick worship.

Includes: addiction training, obsessive thoughts, oral servitude, make you gay, gay, bisexual, dick sucking, cock sucking, bi encouragement, hand jobs, cock worship, dick worship, cum play, triggers, subliminal suggestions, mental domination, magic control, mind fuck, transformation, brainwashing, trance training… all the bells and whistles!

Femdom hypnosis, Gay, Hypnosis, Make You Gay

Length : 21 mins, 11 secs

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