by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Nov 2013
Length: 28:56
Gay H

Serious home-wrecking and mind fuck femdom hypnosis.  You never should have gotten married, the more you think about your wife the more you become uncomfortable. You will begin to feel that you made a horrible mistake, the more you think about that the more you know its true. You can not love and honor her, you can only love and honor cock.  You will only think about how much you love cock, you love cock more then you love your wife, you cant shake the thought, its always with you. The more you try to stop the more you will think about cock and how much you crave it, need it want it.  You can not love honor and obey your wife, you can only love, honor and obey cock. Not for those not interested in life altering hypnosis and who have a commitment to being transformed into who they really are. Deep and dark erotic trance training.

Includes: Mind fuck, cock worship, marriage destruction, home wrecking, make you gay, bi, gay, mind control, mental domination, femdom hypnosis, oral servitude, CEI, JOI, cock acceptance, BDSM instruction, triggers, exposure, transformation, deep implantation of reactive thoughts, brainwash

Femdom hypnosis, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Make You Gay, MP3

Length : 28 mins, 56 secs

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