Panty Sniffer

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jan 2012
Length: 20:09

Powerful Femdom hypno “Panty Sniffer” be mesmerized and trained into becoming obsessed by smelling ladies moist pungent panties, lean to love the humiliation and shame that being a pantie sniffer brings you, be trained to accept that you get very aroused and excited being shamed for your panty smelling obsession, Find your self controlled and trained to crave sniffing moist panties and get a sexual charge out of the shame that addiction brings you.. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind played with and manipulated, be turned into what i want you to be. A a humiliated pantie sniffer. Obsessed and addicted to sniffing wet mist worn panties. Deep triggers, subliminal suggestions, back masking, back tracks. All the bells and whistles to turn you into what it is you know you really are and what i want you to become.. a panty sniffer

Includes: worn panty worship, panty obsession, mind control, masturbation, humiliation, panty fetish, addiction, transformation, triggers, subliminal suggestions, double tracks, metronome implantation, original music, deep implantation of reactive thoughts.

Humiliation, Hypnosis, MP3, Panty Fetish

Length : 20 mins, 09 secs

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