Premature Ejaculator

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jun 2015
Length: 33:10

You cant control your pathetic cock, just looking at a girl makes your cock spurt and you lose all control cumming in your pants. Every time you think you can control your cock you find you can't. You get hyper aroused at the littlest things and lose control, you lose control even when you think you are not aroused, the arousal is instant and you premature ejaculate because you have no control. A pathetic premature ejaculator is what you are.

Includes: loss of cock control, premature ejaculation, humiliation, heightened arousal, orgasm control, ruined orgasms, triggers, trance training, mind fuck, mental domination

Femdom hypnosis, Humiliation, Hypnosis, MP3

Length : 33 mins, 10 secs

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