Premature Ejaculator Trigger Loop

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Oct 2018
Length: 15:08

Trance Trigger Loop Hypnosis. The Third session in the Trigger Loop limited addition series. Small Batch Limited Addition Mp3. A limited number of these sessions are up for sale. When these limited edition mp3s are sold out you won’t be able to buy them individually! PREMATURE EJACULATOR TRIGGER LOOP. Your cock is broken just as it should be, just as you want it. You cant control it, you cum on the turn of a dime, at the drop of a hat, just thinking about a hot girl, WHAM you leak and squirt much to your dismay and excitement. Now's your chance to solidify your training with this trigger loop. Triggered into cuming way to fast cumming when you dont want to and being highly aroused during it all. Subliminal suggestions, ASMR, whisper tracks and brainwave training are all included. You wont know why but you will cum uncontrollably and in the most embarrassing times and places, you have no control over your always ready to cum cock.

Includes: premature ejaculation, loss of cock control, heightened arousal, humiliation, triggers, femdom hypnosis slave training, mental domination, ASMR, whispers, orgasm control, forced orgasm

Femdom hypnosis, Humiliation, MP3

Length : 15 mins, 08 secs

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