by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Nov 2017
Length: 27:45

Programmed from a stud to a dud in a subtle and devious way. Slowly your once strong and controllable desires are mutated into stronger more uncontrollable desires. You used to be able to last for hours not you cum in your pants like a teenager with a hair trigger. You find your partner getting more and more frustrated with your lack of abilities a turn on which of curse makes yo more of a dud in bed and the cycle repeats. She gets angrier and mean to both you and your cock but you stay because no one else will have you when you have a disaster of a cock and skills. You have reverted and have been programmed.

Includes: premature ejaculation, female dominance, loss of cock control, ruined orgasms, homewrecking, humiliation, femdom hypnosis, triggers, ASMR, trance training, transformation, regression

Femdom hypnosis, Homewrecking, Humiliation, Hypnosis, MP3

Length : 27 mins, 45 secs

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