Satanic Sissy

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Feb 2018
Length: 32:24

You will feel a compulsion to be a vile sissy slut as a devotion to your Dark Lord and Master Satan. Every time you suck cock, or offer your ass to be used, you are pleasing Satan. Your growing obsession to do these things, even though you knows that you soul is blackening and becoming more Satans with every slutty act.  You can't escape now that you're drawn to the Left Hand Path. Your uncontrollable urge to whore yourself out to strange men is growing you are drawn to extreme fetish play and should seek out men to tie you up, spank or whip you, face fuck you gang bang you in public, in front of an open window, or over a live stream with a webcam.  Nothing is too extreme for a satanic sissy. Every time you swallows cum it is symbolically blasphemous, like drinking wine at communion, and makes you more one with the Devil, begging him to make you His sissy cock whore for all eternity.

Includes: rituals, femdom hypnosis, back masking, dark arts, subliminal suggestions, slave training, triggers, mental domination, mind fuck, devil worship, blasphemy, demon summoning, forcedbi, cocksucking, anal, bdsm, painslut training all the bells ad whistles.

Femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, MP3, Sissy Training

Length : 32 mins, 24 secs

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