Seek The Sack

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Sep 2018
Length: 31:01

You are obsessed with balls, testicles, nuts. Low hangers turn you on the more weighty the better.  Your obsession and addition to balls is growing, as your training to seek the sack increases and gets more intense. You long to put big balls in your mouth. To lick, suck and slurp them. It is a burning desire that you can no longer control, your desire is out of control. Your addition to big weighty low hanging balls in your mouth and on your face grows daily. It is who you are and it is what you need.

Includes: Ball attraction, ball licking, ball sucking, ball popping, ball fetish. oral servitude, cum play, mental domination, triggers, mind fuck, trance training, femdom hypnosis, brainwash, forcedbi

Femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, Make You Gay, MP3

Length : 31 mins, 01 secs

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