by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jan 2019
Length: 16:10

Serious financial domination training. For the novice or the experienced finsub. Using traditional hypnosis techniques to train you to think differently about how you spend money and on whom. Training you to spend but on the correct thing, me. Training you to get the rush of pleasure spending brings you but transferring your spending rush and arousal to your mistress. This is an amazing findom training session that even those just curious what this findom stuff is all about can enjoy as well as seasoned finsubs who thought they heard it all. Step right up, begin your journey, take a peak at what everyone's talking about.

Includes: findom, money slavery, transformations, brainwave training, traditional hypnosis, femdom hypnosis erotic hypnosis, triggers, subliminal suggestions, post hypnotic suggestions, financial management, triggers, whispers, ASMR, brainwash, compliance, goddess worship, heighten arousal, sub training

Femdom hypnosis, Findom, Hypnosis, MP3

Length : 16 mins, 1o secs

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