Strapped Two, Addicted

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jun 2016
Length: 31:40

I already know you love the strap on this takes your training a step further. You will never know when I will show up with my big strap on cock and force you on your knees, getting it all slick and slobbery for when I eventually peg you in the ass with it. You find your addiction to being my strap on slut gets stronger and stronger and your cravings to be taken anywhere at any time make you more aroused then you have ever been. Yo dream of me n nothing but my thigh high black boots and trench coat making you bend over for my hard cold unforgiving strap on cock. You know this is really who you are and what turns you on more then anything.

Includes: Strap-on, pegging, anal, oral servitude, boot fetish, strap on slavery, heightened arousal, mind fuck, sub training, slut training, femdom hypnosis, female domination

Femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, MP3, Strap-on

Length : 31 mins, 40 secs

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