Stroke Fiend 8, Programmed

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Apr 2017
Length: 27:34

Continuing your training you are now a cum eating machine. Its a vicious cycle. Constantly stroking and slurping up your own cum. You're aroused more and more often unable to shake the need to take your cock out and jerk its sore redness out of it. Your compulsion is growing, your humiliation at what you are becoming increases. You are being programmed. Programmed into the ultimate stroke fiend.

Includes: CEI, Masturbation instructions, JOI, humiliation, orgasm control, cum production, mental domination, female domination, triggers, trance training, transformation, sub training, slave training, stroke addition, mind control, subliminal suggestions.

Femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, JOI, Masturbation Instruction, MP3

Length : 27 mins, 34 secs

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