Stroke Fiend Three - Into the light

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jun 2016
Length: 22:24

Your journey to becoming the ultimate jerk off freak continues as you learn to stroke sore red cock in awkward and difficult positions, training your body to be able to comply anywhere. Stroking in bright light will also help you on your journey to be able to jerk off in restroom stalls or semi private cloak rooms when other people are so close. This is the next step and you will step into the light and build on your previous training. Eating your own cum is always still on the menu and its something you will come to crave and need, as well as cumming on your own sad jerk addicted face. You know being a true stroke fiend is what you need and you will strive to achieve that ultimate goal with my help.

Includes: JOI, masturbation instructions CEI, cum play, cum eating, awkward masturbation, stroke addiction, mind fuck, humiliation, public embarrassment, triggers, trance, mind fuck, mental domination all the bells and whistles.

Femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, JOI, MP3

Length : 22 mins, 24 secs

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