Submissive Training

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jun 2012
Length: 37:05

This was a custom request, its done on my normal style but the request idea was sent in as follows:
You could think of the idea of this MP3 as mentally going through circuit training and you’re the personal trainer. Instead of exercises at each station on the circuit, they’re doing activities that take them closer to be able to get the cum they need to become more submissive. You’re helping them to rationalize the next step based upon what they did in a previous step.

List of events from easiest to most difficult (without any attempts at dialog):
1. jacking off into your own mouth while lying on your back with your knees raised
2. eating your own cum
3. eating your own cum from girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s pussy
4. sucking girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s strap-on
5. licking your own cum off of girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s strap-on
6. eating your girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s stud’s cum from her pussy (without being told it is there and told after)
7. tied up and taken by girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s strap-on
8. shemale mistress jacking off into your mouth
9. sucking “live” strap-on of shemale mistress
10. tied up and “tricked” into being taken by “live” strap-on of shemale mistress
11. tied up and “tricked” into being taken by girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s stud’s cock
12. girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s studs jacking off into your mouth
13. sucking girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s stud’s cock to get him hard for her
14. licking cum off of girlfriend’s/wife’s/mistress’s stud’s cock after he fucks her
File under: custom, cuckold, make you gay, gay, bisexual, female domination, audio fetish

Hypnosis, Make You Gay, MP3, Slave Training

Length : 37 mins, 5 secs

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