The Loser Loop

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Feb 2018
Length: 19:06

Humiliation affirmation hypnosis training. You will be conditioned by my taunting and berating you, making sure you know who you are to me and what I think about you. You know you deserve this and need this, Being out in your place gives you great satisfaction. You long to hear me tell you what you mean to me. Spoiler not very much! This is the ultimate loser loop. Listen with headphones as subliminal suggestions, back masking, whisper tracks are all used to further your humiliation and training. You are a loser not except your role and training.

Includes: triggers, femdom hypnosis, mental domination, humiliation, trance training, mind fuck, female domination. Listen With Headphones

Femdom hypnosis, Humiliation, Hypnosis, MP3

Length : 19 mins, 06 secs

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