Trigger Induction

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jul 2016
Length: 7:01
Induction BW

7 minute hypnosis induction that will make you more will to accept triggers. Can be listened to before any hypnosis session (including those from other Hypno-dommes). Trained to open your mind, hear the words being spoken and the under words you can only hear in your head. Feel them and feel the trigger implant, both overt and covert. This trigger induction will put you in the correct head-space to willfully and happily accept implanted triggers and further your femdom hypnosis trance training efforts.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, triggers, mind control, mind molding, transformation, mental domination, magic control, female domination. femdom, brainwash, mind fuck, trance training.

Femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, MP3, Trance Addiction

Length : 7 mins, 01 secs

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