Wetting And Messing

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Sep 2019
Length: 22:30

Wetting And Messing is a special hypnosis session aimed at both littles and bigs, where you will learn that wetting (especially wetting) and messing is just a natural part of a free and exciting life. Training to allow yourself to release and let go where ever you are, whatever you are doing, this sessions will help you get there. Messing can happen too and that's OK. You are safe and well cared for and wetting both in a diaper and out, it's just a part of life, a happy and content part of life. I'm here to guide you to this safe place and to help you train to allow yourself to just release and let go. It's such a happy feeling and a goal you want to achieve, lets get there together.

Includes: bedwetting diaper wetting, diaper training, messing, triggers, abdl hypnosis, female lead, incontinence, un-potty training, ABDL, age play, adult baby

Length : 22 mins, 30 secs

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