A Simple Command

by Kasha Shakti
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Let me break this title down for you. By “A”, I mean just one. By “Simple” I mean devastatingly powerful in taking total control of your orgasms. And by “Command”, I mean one specific and irresistible instruction. Of course, to establish trace for core programming, there are certain steps along the way, but everything is targeted at implanting one straightforward requirement deep into your psyche. This is a case when you need to know in advance what you are getting into, because I only want you to train with this recording if it is right for you. This session is only for you if you crave both orgasm control and gift play. (I don’t really like the term “financial domination”, but if you do then this session will be well within your zone!)

Specifically the title Command is to send me both a note and a gift every time you want to orgasm. That’s it…and that’s everything, isn’t it, Treasure? Because I do mean every time, and you’ll find that it’s easier to program you to need that than you might otherwise believe. It doesn’t have to be a long note, or a large gift, you will simply be required to send both before indulging in release. The two offerings will serve as a ritual sacrifice that automatically incurs permission for devoted release as a matter of divine law.

I’m not telling you that you can’t buy the recording if your plan is simply to listen to it for temporary fantasy value, I’m telling you that I want you to be prepared, because I play a little rough in this one! As will be explained to you when you listen, this Simple Command puts 100% of your orgasms under my control in a way that provides lots of flexibility with no wiggle room. The simplicity of the programming sets you up for a form of submissive success you have always craved, and gets me everything I want from you effortlessly!

Orgasm Control ● Financial Domination

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