Advanced Chastity Training

by Kasha Shakti
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Release: May 2013

Advanced Chastity Brainwashing 1: Indoctrination

This project takes Chastity training to previously uncharted territory.

First, there is the full-length recording, a compelling piece of programming that will push your inability to orgasm without my permission to a new level. Hot, desperate, obedient arousal makes you so deeply hypnotized, isn’t that right, Treasure?

Following the recording your training continues with a PtV experience that will manage your next few days of denial and determine when you will have my permission to release. Each teasing phase will contain extensive instructions to deepen your programming, as well as a complimentary audio highlighting an aspect of the main training recording.
I’m so pleased to offer this to you, I’m very excited at the notion of all my Good Treasures spending days in a teased, aroused, obedient state for me!

PtV Games ● Chastity

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