Break the Habit

by Kasha Shakti
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Release: Sep 2014

I want you to just notice how your body responds to finding out I have a new training session for you right now. Your heart may flutter, your face may flush, but I'm positive that the main part of your body whose attention I've grabbed is your cock. And, it's getting harder and harder to think about anything but your cock already, isn't that right, Treasure?

No wonder it has been so hard for you to Break the Habit of touching your cock without permission, when it so easily becomes achy and demanding. I think it's perfectly wonderful that your cock is so compelling, and touching it gives you so much pleasure. The more you enjoy touching your cock, the more power I have over you when I train you to be able to achieve the pleasure of only indulging when you are being controlled.

I know that you want that, my Good Treasure, to be constantly aroused and obedient, to have the very special feeling of being powerful enough to make touching yourself a sacred act. Having a habit of handling your cock meaninglessly holds you back from deep and perfect Surrender to your Goddess. I have complete faith in your ability to Break the Habit!

A very deep level of trance and the right programming is the first step, and I can provide this for you. but you must also commit seriously to listening to this recording every day for at least a week when you first begin this training. Part of what makes this step in your training so special is that it involves reprogramming such a deep biological urge, and the commitment you'll be putting in is part of what makes you such a Special and Good Treasure.

You want this. You can already feel how good this is going to feel. And, I'm going to be so very Pleased with you, knowing that your sexuality is so powerfully controlled.

In addition to being super fucking hot, powerful, with high repeat-listening potential, Break the Habit also utilizes multiple deep hypnosis techniques to put you into an extremely trainable trance. And, of course, I'm amazing in it. I mean, I'm always good, but... Well, listen to the Sample, you'll hear what I'm talking about.

Orgasm Control ● Tease and Denial ● Brainwashing and Conditioning

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