Burning Arousal

by Kasha Shakti
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Release: Jul 2010

"Burning Arousal" is a crackling, sexual piece intended to infused your cock with a deep and irresistible arousal that will sensuously break down your will and erode all of your psychic defenses. The purpose of this arousal, as with all arousal, is to make you more helpless and vulnerable to the full acceptance of your complete surrender to my hypnotic control.

After establishing trance, I'll introduce a new method of tantalizing you, invoking a sexy, feminine helper to massage you into compliance and touch you in shockingly intimate ways. Her drugging touch will leave a permanent imprint on your psychic flesh, which will lead to ever more pleasing behavior from my Good Treasure.

With both extensively relaxing deepening and edgy amounts of overt sexuality, this session will have you squirming the entire trance. A mood-setting musical background and sizzling subliminal loop will complete the job of sweeping you into hot, passionate hypnosis.

Tease and Denial ‚óŹ Brainwashing and Conditioning

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