by Kasha Shakti
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This session is designed to create a permanent and irresistible association between arousal and compliance in the deepest layers of your subconscious mind. After your train with this recording, it will be completely impossible for you to disobey my instructions whenever you are experiencing sexual arousal. Whether you're listening to my recordings, reading an email from me, or even just browsing my website, will find it yourself helplessly and eagerly complying with my wishes when you are hot and turned on for me!

As this is my first "Treasure Training" sequel, you should listen to the first recording, "Surrender," before listening to "Compliance." The two sessions are designed to complement each other, and "Compliance" will be most effective if you listen to it immediately after listening to "Surrender." (I suggest putting bothrecordings together on a playlist, so that you can listen to "Compliance" without waking up from trance after "Surrender" ends!)

This session (and series) is designed for my Treasures who are ready to take the plunge into deeper levels of devotion and goddess worship. These recordings will have a strong effect on your mind and will; do NOT listen to this recording unless you are prepared to submit more deeply to me than you may have been previously comfortable with. After this session, you simply won't have a choice but to obey my every wish and command, because your arousal will make it impossible for your will to function against me!

As with "Surrender", there are two alternate versions of this recording available: The "Compliance: Direct Voice" version has minimal effects, for those of you who prefer a raw and unmediated hypnotic experience - this recording features my voice (with minimal echoes) driving deeply into your subconscious mind with no subliminal tracks. The "Compliance: Subliminals" version is for those of you who like to be programmed in additional subtle ways; it includes looping subliminal messages to massage your subconscious into accepting my commands! (Subliminals start later in the session — don't worry if you don't hear them right away!)

Also available again, as a result of massive popularity, an even more extraordinary Spoil/Spoil set! Includes one smokin' headshot, one trigger laden piece of graphic art featuring me in what I think of as The Dress, and a nine minute mini-session designed to follow and expand on "Compliance"!

Treasure Training ● Brainwashing and Conditioning ● Tease and Denial

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